Acceptable Quality Level

AQL standard refers to the maximum number of defective that could be considered acceptable during the random sampling of an inspection. The Defects that are found during inspection are classified into 3 levels: Critical, Major and Minor.

The AQL level should be agreed between buyer and supplier before production commences.

The following AQL standard are usually applied by PT. Kreasi Sinergi Inspeksi unless otherwise instructed by customer:

  • Critical Defects: No Critical Defect is Accepted
  • Major Defect: AQL 2.5
  • Minor Defect: AQL 4.0

Customized AQL standards are always welcome.

How to determine the AQL for your products?

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) sample inspection methods have been proven to be an accurate statistics over a long run. However, the quality level of merchandise at destination might be lower than that of the pre-shipment inspection result. This may due to the transportation process, product handling, humidity, temperature, or etc. You are advised to take these issues into consideration when deciding the AQL level for your products.

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