Welcome to PT. Kreasi Sinergi Inspeksi

"Berkreasi, Bersinergi, Berkualitas"

PT. Kreasi Sinergi Inspeksi is a company established with the professional spirit. It is company’s objective to have wide range of services to satisfy the clients with excellent quality of work and professional resources. Developing mutual beneficial relationship and extensive network with professionals and business entities within area is our commitments in business.

We complement the quality of our service with consumer oriented by building a long term and harmonious relationship with our partner. Our hard work pay off. On industrial inspection services, PT. Kreasi Sinergi Inspeksi always reach the good service in Indonesia. We are fully commited in our quest to improve the standards of goods quality in Indonesia by providing professional expert and proven methods.

Company is established and organized for three primary business:

  • Engineering & Consulting Services
  • Industrial Inspection Services
  • Consumer Testing Services

PT. Kreasi Sinergi Inspeksi members help industries as Engineering & Consultancy activities include Design of Cathodic Protection System, Manpower Services, Construction Management, and Environmental Services. Industrial Services includes Non Destructive Testing, Tube Cleaning Services, Crane & Lifting Equipment Inspection, Control of Corrosion Services, Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Instrument Control Services, Antenna System & Tower Inspection, Witness services, Inspection services, Material certification services, Equipment testing services, In-plant Inspection and Hydrostatic Testing. Consumer Testing Services (CTS) includes Final Random inspection (FRI), Loading Supervision (LS), Sampling Service (SS), and During Production Check (DUPRO).


Industrial Inspection

Non Destructive Testing

Pipeline Integrity Services

Tank Inspection

Boiler & Vessel Inspection

PSV Certification

Tube Cleaning Services

Crane & Lifting Equipment Inspection

Control of Corrosion Services

Instrument Control Services

Antenna System & Tower Inspection

Consumer Testing Services

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

Fabric Inspection Services

Sampling Services (SS)

Loading Supervision


  • Reduce risks of receiving goods with poor quality and non-compliance.
  • Select the right suppliers to cooperate with.
  • Prevent potential quality problems and make sure the on-time delivery!